Are you a Working Woman (Corporate or Entrepreneur) who have challenges in your career and in your relationships that’s frustrating the heck out of you?

Do you have the problem of feeling stuck as it relates to your decision making about what it is you truly want?

How about you’re feeling uncertain about how to achieve the goals and get the results you want in your life?

Results like job satisfaction, or a “better job”, feeling appreciated by your peers and boss, more money, having healthy and meaningful relationships, feeling supported, feeling fulfilled and happy?

If I described what you’re feeling above, then I want to welcome you!

 My name is Racquel. I am a Transformational Coach with a background as a Licensed Social Worker.

I want you to now know sister that you are in the right place! I help women like you get clarity, achieve their fullest potential and build stronger meaningful relationships. I empower you so that you can thrive in your career and relationships by taking control of your life to ultimately achieving your defined success and happiness!

If this resonates with you, then I would like to ask you a few questions.

  • Have you been feeling lonely and empty inside? …You have feelings like you have nothing to offer?… like your opinions in the work place or in your relationships does not matter?
  • Do you feel NOT supported by your co-workers and even in your relationships?
  • Have you been feeling sad, anxious, overwhelmed or even angry over issues such as work relations, family problems, finances, spouse/partner issues?
  • Are you wondering how can you take back control of your life?
  • Are you feeling emotionally drained and confused because you constantly wonder if you have chosen the right career path or have chosen the right relationship to be in?
  • Are you thinking about what you can do to make yourself feel more HAPPY and FULFILLED?
  • You know you’re lacking inspiration, motivation and “the know how” to make changes in your life now? 
  • You know in your heart that you’re TIRED of the way things are currently in your life and  you are READY for your voice to be heard and to be able to say with conviction that “CHANGE I’M COMING FOR YOU“?

If you have answered “YES THAT’S ME” or find yourself quietly agreeing to any one or more of the questions above, YOU my friend, is in the right place! Let me embrace you with LOVE, as I welcome you to schedule a 20 minutes Clarity Call with me.  We will talk about what’s potentially holding you back from mastery in your career and relationships so that we can fast track you to start living the life you deserve!

“Change is ready for you my sister, take that first step today”- Racquel Walters

Client Testimonials:

“My experience with Racquel has been pretty refreshing. Racquel is a great listener and has really helped me to identify some of the things that may be causing struggle in certain areas of my life. Racquel took the time to help me outline goals, as well as an action plan to achieve those goals. The great thing about these sessions is that she does not leave you empty handed. Racquel has made helpful suggestions along the way to keep me on track to taking my life to the next level. I truly enjoy my sessions with Racquel and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good life coach.” {C. Thomas- Operations Manager at a Huge Retail Store}

 “Overcoming fear is not something that comes over night. Working with a coach, is a great way to get the needed advice for your specific plans, ambitions and self confidence”. {T. Mitchell- Insurance Rep.}

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